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DCPA Theater Company Announces Playwrights for 17th Annual Colorado New Play Summit

The DCPA Theater Company has announced the playwrights, dates and details for the 2023 Colorado New Play Summit. The 17th annual festival will take place over a weekend February 25-26 and will feature readings of new plays by Jake Brasch, Vincent Terrell Durham, Christina Pumariega and Sandy Rustin. The festival will also present Laughs in Spanish by Alexis Scheer and Hotter Than Egypt by Yussef El Guindi.

“The Colorado New Play Summit is an exciting time for Denver and the theater community. The Summit welcomes artists to our spaces and gives audiences a front-row seat to the development process,” said Chris Coleman, artistic director of the DCPA Theater Company. . “I’m thrilled that we have the opportunity to witness some of the most exciting playwrights in the country and step into the world of these stories.”

Hailed as a “must-see for the development of new plays” by American Theater, the Colorado New Play Summit is the DCPA’s flagship festival dedicated to supporting playwrights and developing new work. Participating playwrights benefit from rehearsal time with professional directors, actors and playwrights to prepare the new plays. Industry professionals and the public are invited to meet the artists, experience staged readings and offer their thoughts on the work as it develops.

Since its founding, the Summit has presented 64 new plays, more than half of which have returned to the stage as full productions of the theater company. Summit world premieres include the feature film The Whale by Samuel D. Hunter starring Brendan Fraser premiering in 2022, The Legend of Georgia McBride by Matthew Lopez, The Book of Will by Lauren Gunderson, In the Upper Room by Beaufield Berry, American Mariachi by José Cruz González, Rattlesnake Kate by Neyla Pekarek and Karen Hartman, FADE by Tanya Saracho, The Nest by Theresa Rebeck, Just Like Us by Karen Zacarías and Dick Scanlan’s reimagined version of The Unsinkable Molly Brown.


Jake Brasch’s Tank | While reading

Directed by Shelley Butler

Josh is on medical leave from NYU. He returned to Denver to get his life back together but can’t stay sober. Struggling with fog, memory loss, shame and regret, he finds unlikely allies in his four hilarious grandparents.

Desperate for camaraderie, Josh decides to take his grandparents with him on the road to recovery. He overwhelms them with crossword puzzles. He drags them to Jazzercise class. He forces them to eat spinach by handfuls. Finally, he comes up against the limits of his conquest. When he can no longer help his grandparents, they start helping him.

Polar Bears, Black Boys and Fringed Prairie Orchids by Vincent Terrell Durham | While reading

Directed by Jamil Jude

Peter and Molly Castle, an affluent white couple, host a cocktail party in their newly renovated Harlem brownstone. The first guest to arrive is Shameka Davis, the intellectual owner of the Frederick Douglas Bookstore. Then Jaquan Wallace, a BLM movement activist, and his partner Tom, an outspoken white man, enter the fray. They discuss black art, cooking and music. They debate terminology and language. Tensions rise, but they’re tempered by friendly banter and soul food-themed hors d’oeuvres.

The atmosphere takes a dramatic turn when the fourth guest arrives, Rita Dupree, mother of a 12-year-old black boy killed by the police a few weeks earlier. The political divide between races and classes suddenly becomes a personal affair.

Polar Bears, Black Boys & Prairie Fringed Orchids uses sharp, playful dialogue to facilitate candid discussions. It’s intense and undoubtedly funny – and every punchline is imbued with a brutal honesty that will leave the audience wondering about their own biases.

Joan Dark by Christina Pumariega | While reading

Directed by Zoë Golub-Sass

Joan Dark traces the story of a Latina who dreams of becoming a Catholic priest. Thanks to a brand new pilot program, Joan Ruiz is suddenly allowed to serve as a deacon in the impoverished town of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Eager to make a difference in her new community through good works, Joan soon undermines the establishment of St. Vincent, led with scrutiny by Father Sheehan. But like her holy idol, Jeanne is determined to serve…

In a quest forged by the secrets, the sin and the magic of everyday life, Joan fights to save a city abandoned by our time. In this polarized country, can we find Faith after having lost her? Joan Ruiz is about to find out.

The Suffragette Murder of Sandy Rustin | While reading

It’s the morning of July 5, 1857, and the tenants of the Mayhew boarding house on New York’s Lower East Side are preparing for a busy day. They are an odd bunch, considering their surroundings. Among them are a mute, an Irishman, a gay black man, two Southern Belles and the Mayhews themselves – a husband and wife team committed to advancing the movement for women’s suffrage. As they prepare to organize an important gathering, they receive an unexpected visit from a policeman. One of the tenants was murdered.

Hilarious hijinks ensue, against the backdrop of a murder mystery, as the tenants band together to cover up their involvement in the suffrage movement and improvise an elaborate arousal to distract the agent from their scent. The investigation, however, reveals much more than the motives for the murder and the unrest of the mob. It becomes an examination of human rights, the struggle to define “a woman’s place,” and the political systems that have historically sought to stifle feminist voices.

Laughter in Spanish by Alexis Scheer

Directed by Lisa Portes

world premiere

A cheerful and downright hilarious snapshot of Cuban and Colombian-American culture in the heart of Miami’s Wynwood Arts District

Art Basel is about to begin and Mariana, the director of a chic modern art gallery, has a serious problem on her hands. His showroom is an active crime scene. Part crime comedy, part telenovela, and 100% chistoso, the play centers on Mariana and her impromptu support system, including her intern Carolina, a young cop named Juan, and her mother Estella, bigger-than-life film and television. nature. star who insists on saving the series.

Sleek and vibrant, this world-first piece offers a lighthearted look at the struggles many Latinos go through to enter cultural and artistic spaces that have historically excluded them. It examines the representation of Latinx in the media, the fears and uncertainties of adulthood, art as an industry, love and family. And through it all, you won’t stop laughing – or dancing – in your seat!

Join in the fun, enjoy life’s twists and mark your calendars for this thunderous new comedy.

Hotter than Egypt

By Youssef El Guindi
Directed by Chris Coleman

Reading at the Colorado New Play Summit 2020

Hailed as an audience favorite at the Colorado New Play Summit 2020, Hotter Than Egypt is the gripping tale of the personal revolutions of an American couple.

No matter where you live, the ups and downs of married life are universal. For a middle-aged American couple traveling to Egypt on a business-slash-holiday trip, their relationship is tested when an old connection leads to a new temptation. As eager tourists strive to connect with Egyptian culture authentically, they end up getting more than they bargained for as long-dormant marital issues begin to seep in. Drawing on the political, cultural and religious realities of life in the region, this quick-witted comedy-drama set in the heat of Cairo pits loyalty against attraction as its characters grapple with the struggle in constantly evolving to remain committed to their partners.

Yussef El Guindi, winner of the Middle East American Distinguished Playwright Award, specializes “in cultural and geographic displacement, from estranged couples to the promises and frustrations of immigration, and the ways in which people maneuver through strangeness and ‘belonging’ (Seattle Times).

The 17th Annual New Colorado Game Summit

February 25-26, 2023

A la carte packages, all-inclusive weekend packages including 4 theatrical readings, 2 world premieres, plus meals and special events are on presale to DCPA subscribers starting December 2 and on public sale December 9.

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