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Custom Haircare Company Prose Launches New Clean Multi-Purpose Styling Gel

Prose, the Brooklyn, NY-based direct-to-consumer beauty tech brand, has launched a new custom styling gel, the latest addition to its line of bespoke hair care products. The DTC brand said the clean and highly effective custom multi-use gel offers endless styling versatility and adapts to the customer’s life, specific to where they live and their personal hair texture.

According to CMO Megan Streeter, Prose “drilled deep” into internal data and consumer feedback and “wanted to create a product that represented Prose’s core value of inclusivity and ensuring we met all type needs.” of hair with our full line of products.With this information, we saw the opportunity to launch a styling gel, as gel products are the fastest growing segment in the premium styling category. , a 53% growth in the last year alone.”

To develop the gel, which is specifically formulated for curls and coils, Prose embarked on a collaborative process, co-developing the formulation in Paris in four phases in partnership with industry leaders that included experts in curls and stylists. The group included Giovanni Ferrer; Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder (the Quann Sisters); Michelle Breyer (founder of Naturally Curly); and hairstylist and curl expert Ona Diaz-Santin.

“At Prose, we know that no two curls are the same and we wanted to bring our hyper-customized, clean formulations to both curly and kinky customers. When building the team to formulate the product, we focused on are addressed to those who had personal and professional expertise with curls throughout their lives,” said Streeter.

Additionally, Prose has expanded its own R&D team, adding Yaele Nasso to cutting-edge curl research and custom styling gel formulations. She worked with the group on the formulation for over a year.

Inside gel formulation

Over 97% of the ingredients in Prose’s new styling gel are of natural origin.

Over 97% of the gel’s ingredients are naturally derived including aloe vera, okra, and sea moss. Free of alcohol and parabens, the gel is meant to deliver results without compromising its clean formula.

Every aspect of the formula has been carefully crafted to ensure the desired level of hold, style longevity and look versatility while infusing hair with moisture, defining curls and preventing frizz, according to Prose, who is Climate Neutral, a public benefit corporation and a certified B corporation.

“We wanted to be sure that we were training specifically for the needs of the curly/kinky consumer, so we reached out to real experts in the field, who we know try products all the time and could give us some real insight into this. which would be effective. We chose our partners because of their deep expertise and worked with them over a four month period, evaluating and incorporating their feedback throughout the process to truly develop a one-of-a-kind custom styling gel,” said Streeter.

This collaborative development process also led to Prose forming its first-ever hair care advisory board. In addition to the team assembled to carry out the gel (Ferrer, the Quanns, Breyer and Diaz-Santin), the board includes Camille Friend, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Hair Scholars, a mentorship and guidance group.

A new campaign

Prose also unveiled a new campaign to announce the launch. “Curl Outside the Lines” debuts this week on Prose’s digital platforms and digital media. Outdoor ads with video and some campaign images will follow. The creation, featuring actress and activist Lauren Ridloff, depicts a variety of unique curly and coiled hairstyles.

“At Prose, we believe curls have no limits and we’re proud to introduce this amazing new custom styling gel, specially designed for curly and frizzy hair types,” said Streeter. “We are honored to spotlight Lauren Ridloff in this campaign – she authentically embodies our ‘Curl Outside the Lines’ mantra in her everyday life and is an inspiring advocate for the expression of individuality and the freedom of style and style. We hope this will encourage our community to continue to use their hair as a form of self-expression.

“When my hair is natural and I have the freedom to play with it, I feel more comfortable,” noted Ridloff, who is perhaps best known as the first deaf actress to play a Marvel superhero. and also starred in The Walking Dead.

“Go big, go slicked back, go braided, go crazy. I honor my hair and that’s how I style it. I love my hair. My hair doesn’t understand rules, doesn’t understand stiffness. It’s not wild or crazy or difficult – my hair is natural. And being natural is revolutionary. That’s why I’m thrilled to work with Prose, a company that celebrates all unique personalities, hair types, and freedom of expression,” said Ridloff, who is the brand’s first Curl Advocate.

Prose Custom Styling Gel ($30) is available in three hold levels (soft, medium, and strong), comes in a range of made-to-order scent options for customers. It can be purchased in the United States and Canada at