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CSO calls for involvement of traditional leaders in state police

By Stephen Adeye

Amb. Hamzat Lawal, Executive Director, Connected Development, a Civil Society Organization (CSO), Amb. Hamzat Lawal, pleaded on Sunday for the full involvement of traditional chiefs in the creation of the state police.

Lawal, an international election monitor, made the appeal on the sidelines of the 25th anniversary of the coronation of the Ohinoyi of Egbiraland, Dr. Ado Ibrahim, which was held at his palace in Okene.

The activist stressed the need to create a state police to adequately deal with the insecurities currently ravaging the country.

He said states should be allowed to have their own police chosen from among the people and under the supervision of traditional rulers.

According to him, the states through the royal fathers will better understand the terrain and know each member of the community and identify outsiders who may want to perpetrate evil in the community.

He also called for the involvement of traditional leaders in the design and implementation of the security architecture as they are closest to the people.

One mechanism, he said, operated in pre-colonial times when taxes and other forms of administration were made possible by monarchs.

“If you look at events in the country today, there is a palpable atmosphere of distrust, everyone is suspicious of each other.

“The mainstream institution is the only platform that can effectively gain the trust of the people and therefore should be allowed to oversee the functioning of community policing if it is to operate,” he said.

“Royal fathers should be given more roles that would allow them to adequately oversee and improve the security architecture of their areas of jurisdiction,” Lawal said.

He said traditional rulers should have more roles to play in governance and security because they are closer to the base and by extension to the people than the government at the center. (NAN)(

Edited by Isaac Aregbesola