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Community leaders hold a rally, calling for a peaceful end to violence across the city

DETROIT – Community leaders gathered on Detroit’s east side to call for a peaceful end to the violence across the city.

The group consisted of the Detroit 300, members of the Detroit Police Department, representatives of Detroit City Council members, Minister Malik Shabazz, Maurice “Pastor Mo” Hardwick and many others. This was all part of the 5th Annual Stop the Violence Gathering.

Together they marched near Seven Mile Road and Gratiot Avenue.

Activist Jaylin Harris is the one who organized the rally.

“Just so people see that all ages are here to support a cause, and that cause is to end violence across the city, gun violence, domestic violence,” Harris said.

Each speaker’s passion was personal.

Maurice Hardwick, also known as “Pastor Mo”, said: “We are rising from the ashes. I want you to understand this Detroit, it starts with you, it starts with you and your home.

“I want to be free to go to the grocery store. I want to feel free to ride my bike in my neighborhood,” said Wanda Redmond, from the office of Detroit City Councilwoman Mary Waters.

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The hope is that with every horn of support from the community, these same people are inspired to not just want the change, but to be the change.

“It’s up to us,” Redmond said. “It does not just depend on the police. It’s not just the mayor. It does not depend solely on the municipal council. It’s up to us. »

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