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Community gathers for vigil after student killed in shooting at Ingraham High School

A vigil was held after a shooting at Ingraham High School in North Seattle left one student dead.

The vigil was held at 6 p.m. at Haller Lake Methodist Church to help those affected by the shooting and to honor the victim.

“It was passionate and it was a general wish for a world where people didn’t need to do this and kill and carry guns,” said Janice, a woman who attended the vigil.

It was a sad and gloomy scene at the church which is located a few blocks from the school.

“It’s good to be together, to not be alone, to be able to say that we are not alone in our grief, but also it is terrible. I would prefer not to have to meet at all, I would prefer may tragedy not happen in the first place,” said Megan Ramer, who attended the vigil.

Everyone was welcomed to the wake.

“Whenever we experience a tragedy of gun violence, we just have to hold space for that trauma and recognize that healing will take a long time,” said Reverend Steve Jerbi.

Cameras were not allowed inside the department. Jerbi said he wanted to bring people together after this tragedy.

“We are all affected by armed violence. This affects all communities and we see this tragedy coming closer to home and we just want to honor this pain and make space for us to be connected and to remember that we are not alone in facing these challenges,” said Jerbi said.