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Community agencies call on MNPS to add active shooter training

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – Community activists came together on Friday to call on metropolitan schools to incorporate active shooter training this coming school year.

“If we’re outside during recess, I have to make sure I can let my kids know that we can either lay down, run, hide under a car or something,” said Earl Jordan, founder of Partners In the Struggle.

Jordan and Talia Monet Simmons, founder of the AnTwand Covington Jr. Foundation, came together to appeal to MNPS Director Dr. Adrienne Battle.

They ask the district to consider an active fire training class for staff and students.

“I know the pain of losing a child, especially to gun violence. So I have no choice. I think people sometimes think…why do you keep doing this? I do not have a choice. Why would I choose not to just keep everyone safe,” Simmons said.

Bob Allen, director of training at Royal Range USA, has also joined the group. With both local and national shootings, they say this is crucial.

“Do some research, see when the last major school fire happened. Then look at the research and see when the last school shooting happened. I wonder which of these trainings we need the most quickly and more often,” Allen said.

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