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Community activist reacts after police defuse student gun incident at Lincoln High – NBC 7 San Diego

A 16-year-old Lincoln High School student could face charges for bringing a ghost gun and ammunition to school, officials said.

The unidentified student was carried on a stretcher and taken by ambulance for medical examination after San Diego police shot him with a bean bag.

The school was closed on Tuesday afternoon around 2:30 p.m. The incident began when a teacher took the unidentified student to the principal’s office after seeing a pistol magazine fall out of his pocket.

According to police, while in the office, the student became agitated, refused to give his backpack to staff and administrators, and told them he had a gun. After the situation in the office escalated, according to police, administrators and office staff left for their own safety. When the teenager left the office he held up his hands and then police said he reached for his belt, allegedly for the ghost gun. The police shot him with the bean bag.

“Swat has been called,” San Diego Police Department spokesman Lt. Adam Sharki said. “Swat has a number of less deadly tools with them and with Swat also comes an emergency trading team. So all of this coming in a short amount of time, increased the chances of having a result, and it happened in this case.

Sharki said the 16-year-old was taken for a medical evaluation as is standard after someone was shot with a beanbag or taser. If he was a danger to himself or others, Sharki said, he would have undergone a mental health assessment, although Sharki is not at liberty to confirm whether that happened in this case.

Sharki said: “If there are charges such as having an unregistered ghost, a gun with a gun on campus juvenile services and school police can work with the district attorney. district if it is appropriate to do so.”

Tasha Williamson, a community activist and mother of two sons who graduated from Lincoln High, said she was relieved. “I’m so grateful they didn’t use live ammunition. It assures me that the San Diego Police Department and the San Diego School Police all know how to defuse a situation where there are weapons.

Sharki said: “We got a 16-year-old stopped with minimal force, minimal injury, and no one was hurt, and that’s a success. This is what we hope to accomplish here.