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At fifteen and already president and director of a company…

The future of women is… Stacey Fru

Stacey Fru posing with her author books /Instagram screenshot/@staceyfru

This young woman makes us shine with pride this week. At just 15, she’s authored five books, is a philanthropist, children’s rights activist and has now added being a company director and president to her list of accomplishments.

Stacey Fru is the second of four children and was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2007.

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“The 15-year-old is the company’s youngest board member and one of the few teenage South Africans to run a company she didn’t start herself.” (IOL)

The company is an education-focused tech company called AfroStory, and it’s joined by six adult team members and 10 shareholders. She has indeed been a shareholder of AfroStory since 2021.

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“AfroStory is an all-in-one African reading app. The majority of books available are by African or Black authors, work offline, and all 83 books are available for purchase with a credit card, the Stacey Foundation said. Fru. Fru’s books are also available on the platform.” (IOL)


Check out a short excerpt from his Instagram page:

It is clear that this is not the last time that we will hear from this young opinion leader.

Here’s to appreciating young Stacey Fru and what she’s doing for our country and the world…

Image courtesy of Instagram