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Araga Jnanendra welcomes PFI ban; enhanced security across the state

Bangalore, Sep 28 (IANS): Karnataka Home Minister Araga Jnanendra on Wednesday welcomed the imposition of a five-year ban on the Indian Popular Front (PFI) in the country.

“The National Intelligence Agency (NIA), in coordination with various state police departments, raided the PFI workers and collected evidence,” he said.

He further stated that the PFI was one of the fundamental religious forces that were indulging in pitting the youth of the country against the nation. The decision to ban the IFP is good in order to maintain the integrity and unity of the country.

It is also a step that was necessary to maintain peace and harmony in the country, the interior minister said.

Meanwhile, Karnataka Police Chief Praveen Sood has issued instructions to exercise strict vigilance across the state amid the move. Local police have been tasked with organizing peace meetings with leaders of the Muslim community.

It has also been ordered to detain those who try to disturb the peace. The central government has also issued warnings to take preventive measures in this regard.

Bengaluru Police Commissioner Pratap Reddy gave directions to localities where Muslims live in greater numbers. Orders have been issued to lock down all PFI offices in the city.

The union government notification mentions the killing of BJP activist Praveen Kumar Nettare in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. He also mentioned the Karnataka government’s proposal to ban PFIs.