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Andhra Pradesh: Fire breaks out at Pharma City business

A fire broke out at the Effluent Collection Plant of SNF (India) Private Limited at JN Pharma City at Parawada in Anakapalli district on Saturday afternoon.

Police say no injuries or injuries were reported in the incident.

The company specializes in the manufacture of polyacrylamide and within 15 to 20 minutes the fire was extinguished by two fire engines from the Ramky Group, the promoters of Pharmaceutical City, Ramky CEO Lal Krishna said.

According to workers, firefighters had to use foam to bring the raging fire under control. Initially, the fire appeared threatening, but it was brought under control quickly, workers on the crew said. About 150 workers were reportedly present during the shift.

According to CITU’s Mr Satyanarayana and other union activists at the site, the fire broke out after sparks from welding work taking place near the tank came into contact with the waste.

However, according to company and law enforcement officials, based on the initial investigation, it appears the fire may have occurred due to a chemical reaction that was allegedly caused by the overflow of chemical waste. of the storage tank.

Officials from the tax department, police, fire personnel and a few other departments visited the incident site.

Police and fire personnel have recorded a case and an investigation is ongoing.