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Ahmadiyya community man stabbed to death in Punjab


A member of Pakistan’s Ahmadiyya minority community was stabbed to death in the eastern town of Rabwah – officially known as Chenab Nagar – on Friday, allegedly for refusing to chant religious slogans, a community activist and police said .

“The accused approached Naseer Ahmad, 62, an Ahmadi of faith and asked him to wave party slogans. When Ahmad refused, he stabbed him repeatedly and killed on the spot,” said Saleem ud Din, spokesman for the minority group. Reuters.

The deceased, an active member of the community, stood at a bus stop for his usual Friday ritual of paying his respects at a cemetery, Din said.

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“We are investigating the motive for the murder, (the suspect’s) links to a religious party have not yet been discovered,” said Asad Rehman, a senior Chiniot district police official.

In May, a seminary student stabbed Abdul Salam, 33, a member of the Ahmadiyya community in Okara district, a community activist said. Reuters.

Members of the Ahmadiyya community, which considers itself an Islamic movement, have witnessed several incidents of violence in Pakistan.

Rights groups have raised concerns about the persecution of the Ahmadiyya community and say the government has done nothing to protect its minority citizens.

Community leaders say the 2018 legislative measures and anti-Ahmadi rhetoric during the elections have entrenched legalized hatred.