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Activista Zim engages artists on state accountability

LOCAL non-governmental organization, Activista Zimbabwe invites young artists to participate in the Accountability Creative Activism Awards aimed at adding creative voices to the call for state accountability.

The awards ceremony will take place on November 25 at a location yet to be announced.

Organizers of the initiative said interested artists should create any form of artwork that includes music, sketches, drawings, poems, cartoons or plays.

The various artworks to be produced are guided by five themes namely: Investigating state accountability, the use or misuse of COVID-19 funds by the government and its departments, the effects of improper public financial management, calls for the implementation of the recommendations and the need for sound public financial management.

Campaign manager Wendy Makaza told NewsDay Life & Style that they partnered with Global Platform Zimbabwe in the initiative and used the art as it is a communication tool that reaches everyone and is easily understood by many people.

“We chose art because it is a language that transcends gender, age and any other social division. For the most part, it’s for entertainment, but art communicates a message, and it’s a tool that will engage young people better than speeches and articles,” she explained.

“Our goal is to involve more young people in national processes, especially public financial management, with regard to adequate public services such as health, water and sanitation, transport and education. “.

To avoid any possibility of bias, Makaza pointed out that the judges for the awards are two panels of three civil society leaders who will score all entries independently and their results will be harmonized to choose the final winners.

“Participating artists must post their work on social media and tag @ActivistaZw with the hashtag #AccountabilityZw. Judging will be based on the number of views, likes, comments and content relevance to the themes of the The first prize winner will walk away with US$200, the second prize will receive US$150 while the third prize is US$100,” Makaza said.

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