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2 students injured, 1 killed first week of school; The community calls for change

MURFEESBORO, Tenn. (WSMV) — A community gathered Saturday to mourn the loss of a student killed on the first day of school.

On Saturday, community activists and families gathered for a vigil to honor those who were injured and killed. Families told us they were heartbroken, devastated and ready for change.

“It didn’t really hit me until the next day, what happened, and then it felt unreal to me.”

As Kaydyn Hamby and her friend were walking to school, they say a car came out of nowhere.

“We’re both at the crosswalk, she pressed the button and we were able to go, so we were walking and maybe halfway to the crosswalk,” Kaydyn said.

“That’s when she hit us,” Kaydyn said.

The two schoolgirls were run over by a car, and a few days earlier another little girl was run over and killed as she got off a school bus. Now parents and leaders of organizations in Rutherford County are speaking out.

“It’s not just Rutherford County. It is the state; it’s the country and maybe we’re all getting a little too comfortable with the loss of children,” Chuck Isbell said.

To honor the three children hit by cars, Chuck Isbell, Families for Safe Streets and many others are pushing for change.

“25 miles an hour on residential roads because if you get hit at 40 miles an hour there’s a 90% chance of death, but if you get hit at 25 miles an hour there’s has an 80 percent chance of life,” Isbell said.

Two years ago, Chuck’s son was hit and killed by a car going 45 miles an hour.

“With my son, Sofia, and these two other children. Not a single ticket was issued, not a single ticket. Where is the responsibility? Isbell said.

And he’s not the only parent asking for answers.

“I just want an I’m sorry or something because at the scene she didn’t even know who hit her; the person never approached them and apologized,” Kaydyn’s grandmother said.

Parents and victims say something has to change and it has to happen soon.

“I would never want anyone to be in this kind of situation; it’s scary,” Kaydyn said.

Organizers and families say they will continue to raise awareness, reminding drivers to slow down and be careful.

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